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Welcome to Best Used Shoes. We are a used shoes wholesale company entirely into selling and shipping of used shoes bulk quantities all across the world. Our partners can find a plethora of best used shoes of all major brands and in various types and sizes. Best Used Shoes does not restrict its forte to formal shoes and normal casual shoes but also extend the array into sports shoes and sneakers.

In any used shoes wholesale transaction, there are obvious conventions that can save you money since you would be buying used shoes in bulk. Where Best Used Shoes differ from other used shoes wholesale companies are the quality and an all in one solution. Best Used Shoes offers you all major and lesser known brands that are popular all around the world and apart from offering almost any variety that you would be looking for, we cater to all the procedural formalities to get the order in place, packaging as well as shipping right to your warehouse.

While you consider placing used shoes bulk orders with us, you can rest assured that the quality of every pair would be far superior to what anyone would normally expect. Best Used Shoes is not just about getting a great used shoes wholesale price and getting the delivery on time but to literally get the best used shoes.

Best Used Shoes has an in house quality control department that ensures compliance to the highest standards of every used shoes bulk order. When you look at the quality of the athletic footwear, sneakers or other shoes at Best Used Shoes, you would be amazed to explore the make, comfort, durability as well as the appeal of the designs, colors and aesthetics.

We encourage our clients to speak with us at length to find out the best used shoes wholesale deals and also consult on shipping should you desire. Our complete service can offer a hassle free experience of procuring used shoes bulk quantities. We ship by 20 ft or 40 ft high cube containers. In 20ft containers, we load 320 bags of 50 lbs (23 kg) each for a total weight of 16000 lbs (7258 kg) and in 40 ft containers we load 740 bags of 50 lbs (23 kg) each for the total weight of 37000 lbs (16784 kg).

For the best brands of used shoes and the best used shoes wholesale prices, just pick up the phone or fill up the form on Contact Us page and we shall call you.